Friday 17 November 2006

Shopping nowadays

You want to buy glasses and come back with a REALLY awesome notebook. I HAD to buy it, as I was so fustrated with the stuff (mostly clothings) you get at H&M (Clean Clothes) and such. I was obsessed by the Moleskine notebook since I first saw it. It is black and simple and nice and just IT (and not that cheap by the way but anyways). Then at one shop I saw the new Moleskine City Notebook – I just had to have it. And I bought it for London. There is the tube map, the city map, space for notes, space to order stuff you like (restaraunts, people, music, places, you name it). Even a transparent plastic sheet you can add to the city map so you don't have to write actually on the map but draw something in it. So I'm all excited about that, as you can tell, and I'm totally looking forward to actually going to London again.
Later on, as I was in the Merkur market there was that lady telling us: „Minus 10 Prrozent, heute für Frrändzz.” Just hilarous – you had to be there. So I'm soon going to meeting my classmates from the Graphische again. I hope there'll be all of them – at least almost. Have a nice weekend.

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