Thursday 23 November 2006

Razorlight, 22/11/06, Arena, Vienna

First of all I want to thank Chris (link to his current band project Chris and the other Girls) for giving me his tickets for the Razorlight concert yesterday. He won them from Xbox, which presented the concert. You could only get tickets if you won them. At the entrance a woman said 1.000 tickets had been spread out, but 1.500 people were there. First I wanted to go there with Theresa, sadly she suddenly felt sick and couldn't come, so I asked Dominik. The layout and design of the tickets were simply gorgeous. Those were the days when tickets for concerts looked like that (I didn't go to concerts then – too young). It even had an imprinting. The event was at the Arena and it wasn't as Xbox-green as I suspected. We managed to get a photo from the setlist and spread it around a bit.

SetlistThe concert was really nice and fast. One song followed the other (change of the guitars). The song In the City and singer Johnny Borrell getting rid of his t-shirt were definitely the maxima of the evening.
Other songs I enjoyed:
Golden Touch
Can't stop
America (lyrics beneath)
Somewhere else (part of the encore)
I even consider buying a CD. Guess it will be difficult to find the one, which includes all the I-like-songs.

I light a cigarette
'Cause I can't get no sleep
There's nothing on the TV nothing on the radio
That means that much to me
There's nothing on the TV nothing on the radio
That I can believe in

Razorlight live

All my life
Watching America
All my life
There's panic in America
Oh Oh Oh, Oh
There's trouble in America
Oh Oh Oh, Oh
There's panic in America
Oh Oh Oh, Oh

One note on another matter: Today I started my review of the year 2006, which will also include a list of things that happend (too) often and stuff like that.



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