Wednesday 22 August 2007


I am finally sitting at a computer, where no clock is ticking and I have enough time to do some proper update on my blog.
Arriving at Heathrow was easy, but getting my luggage was a big problem, somehow. They lost a container, in which my big suitcase was and so I had to fill in a form that my luggage is missing. Shortly after that they found the container. With 1.5 hours delay we finally arrived at the house.
Our new home is pretty nice, our room is bigger than expected and the location is good. The weather is very british, the last time I saw a blue sky was during the flight.
On Monday I did the job thing (going to Jobcentre Plus). I had to phone some centre, after about 40 minutes she had all the information and I got it in my mail the next day (!!!). My appointment with some guy is on Tuesday.
We do not yet have desks or chairs and I do not have my own display, but a keyboard and a mouse. Nothing special was happening because we mostly did some shopping to get the most important things, which we could easily transport home.
I do not feel at home yet and I am not yet sure ...
I need something to do here, e.g. work.

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