Monday 8 October 2007

Good old days

I just started to play Command & Conquer again. It was one of my first "real" games on the computer. No, it WAS my first game on the computer. I was in elementary school if I remember right. There was Paint and Word. And Command & Conquer on the PC of friends of my parents. Now it runs on my Mac. He chokes on the graphics every now and then, but he's doing good!

I also did not that bad. I have no idea anymore what I have to do, but the mini tutorials tell you what you can/have to do. Suddenly, as I knew what I have to do and click, my phone rang and I got another interview on Wednesday. In the middle of nowhere. Gonna be a long journey! But I am really not complaning!!! I have one day left to figure out how I get there quickly. Oh my, I want to playyyyyy!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

...the pic is "generals", isn't it...
so are u playin cnc1 oder cnc: generals? :)

21/10/07 1:40 pm  

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