Saturday 13 October 2007


Today I got my NI (National Insurance) Number aka NIN, which is valid for lifetime! Wow! I even will get a card in six to eight weeks. The interview on Wednesday was wonderful, except for the distance. Everything was perfect! Money, tasks, the guys who interviewed me were nice, but the travelling is just not possible by public transport. My longing for a job grows every day, because I need money and I want to do something. I really enjoyed post-processing my pictures from today. Yesterday I reapplied at a company which I wrote months ago for the first time. They are not that far away, but it still would take 45 minutes. I am pissed off though, because so many employers do not even write you back. So you never know. They might call me in December, when I am close to sitting on the street or booking a plane back home. NOOOOOOO!!!!! That won't happen. I get a job. I get a job. I get a job sooooooon. Maybe I get the promised jobseeker's allowance in December? But I don't expect very much. Oh my! Council Tax! #~&@‹€∞§¶$%
I recently started to read The Da Vinci Code. It is thrilling and very interesting, because it contains many facts (I guess they are ...). I am trying my best to not imagine Tom Hanks and Audrey Tautou looking like the main characters. Ngah, I am tired. I cannot continue right now.

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