Thursday 25 October 2007

Things to remember

If you want to get money from the UK, do not wait until they get back to you again. You have to call them and tell them, that they have to do something, i.e. working on your case again. And I really have to be carefull in order to get the money I am entitled to. And to all those people outside, who have their phones defaulted to "do not send caller ID": I hate invisiblo calls! Particularly if they hang up, after I picked up. What the ... ?!?
What you also ought not to forget: London is BIG! No not big it is BIG, HUGE, B I G. I guess one must either work in the centre or live in the heart of the city for at least six months to be able to say you know one hundredth of London. I still didn't encounter every inch (and not even the interesting ones!) of Vienna, though I have been living there for three years in total.

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Blogger chp. said...

Hey Christina! Kaum zu glauben, du hast nen Blog, ne eigene Website, lebst nun in UK... Meld dich UNBEDINGT bei mir!!! mail (firmenadresse weißt sicher noch ;-) oder skype (magugler).

ganz liebe grüße, martin

25/10/07 2:29 pm  

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