Thursday 15 November 2007

I (almost??) lost a Mac today, but got a bank account

To everyone who has a Mac and still runs Tiger: do not, I mean DO NOT install the Update (10.4.11) unless you have a back up on a FireWire external hard drive. I don't have a FireWire hard drive. I have just a USB hard drive. And I didn't make a back up. I just wanted to buy a FireWire cable but it's £ 19.99 (about 30 Euros)!!! I checked the data though, and it is still there. I even got a black screen!!!

I made the Update yesterday and after that I turned the Mac off for the day. Today I turned it on and noticed that it takes longer ... ah yes update. I used it for let's say 5 minutes and then everything got crazy. All applications closed and all menubar icons except one (can't remember which) vanished. And the rainbow circle appeared (what's its name again?). Turned it off. On. I used it for 2 minutes and it went crazy again and showed me the most feared message where it tells you that the computer is stuck and you should restart it by pressing... in 4 different languages. And then I got stuck in the gray startup screen. I managed to put my Mac into a black screen mode with a white blinking rectangle on the top left hand corner. I wanted to enter Mac's Open Firmware but I guess I got to crazy with the shortcut or I got it completely wrong???

fain_jewel in Apple - Support - Discussions

But yes! I got a bank account. Yesterday we got a bill in the mail. Often it's not good to get bills but this time they got my name right. I went to another bank this time. She wanted to make me get an account where I have to pay 12 pounds a month! HAHAHA! No, no. But it worked out to get a free account. So have to sort out that Mac problem now. Hmpf.

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