Friday 4 April 2008

Long time no read

Ah! Where to start? I finished another one of those work intense weeks and there are still six remaining. It is really hard for me to get up in the morning. Amid some dream the alarm clock goes off and I think “Oh no, it’s that kind of day again!”. It feels like sliding from a sweet dream off to a nightmare. (Ok, maybe I exaggerate ...) All in all the week was not too bad and I am feeling pretty well today. I took a picture of someone else’s bogue (n. The expanse of skin that appears between the top of your socks and the bottom of your trousers when you sit down. from Douglas Adams & John Lloyd The Deeper Meaning of Liff), sorry, I just couldn’t resist!
Yesterday we watched the awesome, hillarious, important and strongly recommended Shaun of the Dead, in which all the usual suspects from British TV and/or film are seen (at least I’m claiming that). What else? Yeah, The Creation will be performed from scratch and I really, rilly (sic!) would like to attend, but it’s a Sunday and it seems that I wouldn’t be able to make my way home by public transport. Maybe I’ll ask at the choir, if somebody’s driving up there. Our flight home is booked (LTN-VIE 30/07/08).

My sweetheart/sis/Schwesterherz and me at the Donau not far from my parents’ house (da hometown, more or less). Photograph by nungee

I bought a medium format camera via ebay (I ebayed it? ;), but I asked them to send it to Austria. I trust the Austrian mail a tiny little bit more than the British. The weather is good, as long as I’m working, the coming weekend doesn’t look that grand, it won’t be as warm as today. In the meantime we’re desperately awaiting the vouchers for the American trip (at least I am). Yes, I think that pretty much covers all. Hmmmm, did we do some experimental cooking in the last few weeks? Nah, don’t think so. We made a nice Tiramisu again, with real sponge fingers (Biskotten) this time. Oh dear! I could take a bath in it! ;) We didn’t even use rum and it still tasted awesome! (Orders in the comments please.)

So long and thanks for all the fish! (Video)
As stated, Karla and I are working on the same things, just different formats. She’s Mac, I’m Windows.
“Entirely appropriate,” Karla, “because Windows is more male, and Mac is more female.”
I felt defensive. “How so?”
“Well, Windows is nonintuitive ... counterintuitive, sometimes. but it’s so MALE so just go buy a Windows PC system and wast a bunch of time learning bogus commands and reading a thousand dialog boxes every time you want to change a point size or whatever ... MEN are just used to sitting there, taking orders, executing needless commands, and feeling like they got such a good deal because they saved $200. WOMEN crave efficiency, elegance ... the Mac lets them move within their digital universe exactly as they’d like, without cluttering up their human memory banks. I think the reason why so many women used to feel like they didn’t “understand computers” was because PCs are so brain-dead ... the Macintosh is responsible for upping not only the earning potential of women but also the feeling of mastering technology, which they got told is impossible for them. I was always told that.”

From: Douglas Coupland Microserfs (1995)

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