Friday 23 November 2007


I got it, I got it, I got it!!! Sorry for the delay of the happy news. Yesterday I was just too tired to do anything productive after coming home. I will start on the 4th December. Mondays are free, which is good. Today I got my debit card. Only thing that's missing right now is my computer. I will try to fix it on the weekend. Making a full backup and doing a reinstall of Tiger. Next thing will be the purchase of a FireWire hard drive. One that fits under the Mac Mini would be nice, but it will be more expensive. I am also flirting with the My Books from WD, but they need more space, which is already limited somehow on my desk. Well, after 37.5 hours of computer hours a week, I hopefully won't use the computer that much.
Two friends of mine are visiting around New Year's Eve and I am already thinking about stuff we could do. There is very much of course! But I have clearly no idea what's good to do in London on the 31st December. I will have to do a thorough internet search, I guess.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

ich freu mich so für dich!!!!

25/11/07 11:50 am  

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