Sunday 20 April 2008

Counting the days

I love lists and countdowns and planning and all that other stuff connected to it. So yet again (Oh dear! I didn’t even notice, that the title is the same!) I will have to make all that counting of dem months and weeks and days ...

4 weeks until we will be back in Austria for a few days
4 weeks left, where I have to be in the rat race (work)
4 weeks and 1 day until I have my hair as pictured above (Yessss!)
in 5 weeks we’ll be on a different continent for the first time in my life (at least I reckon it’s still happening)
8 weeks and 2 days until seein Trouble over Tokyo live
10 weeks and one day until seeing Erykah Badu
12 weeks and 4 days until seeing Death Cab for Cutie again

There is still some planning to do for June and July, because I want to have a closer look at a few cities in the country (Scotland!!!).



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