Friday 18 April 2008

Grow up!

They are planning yet another strike! The London Underground that is. Come on guys! GROW UP! The people you hurt, are the people who rely on you and cannot get to work without getting up at 5 in the morning! I hope they call it off again. I have only four weeks to go. Please let them be without a strike! (And I want to get to the airport without any hassle as well!)

via Tube strike threatened. Again. | London Metblogs

BUT! Good news! I learned to juggle rings yesterday! Yessss! I will get me some tomorrow so I can practice in the garden a bit (If it is not raining all weekend, yes, then I REALLY COULD do that! What is it with this clouds, that they always come on Friday and go on Tuesday morning as soon as I am in the office? HA?!!?) In the meantime the Pound is rising against the Euro, which is good, as I earn Pounds right now. I wish it is highest by the end of July, when I move my money back : )

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