Tuesday 26 June 2007

Bye bye Vienna

Today we gonna take all the stuff to my parents. Two drawers and a small desk will be left. I really liked that flat! The location was great (except the loud tram), I got nearly everywhere in 30 minutes. Valedictions always lead to a crying and a laughing eye. Looking forward to what is next and looking (a bit) back to the good moments. Now I have to put the bed apart.

Friday 8 June 2007

Comatic Disbehaviour

Today I wanted to talk about how one values a city. Before one's moving to it, after one has to leave it. But I cannot. Not today. Because the society growing older right now, who hits the puberty and gets used to loads of alcohol is worrying me. I know why I hate booze, I know why I hate the U6 and I know why I hate (Viennese) Chavs. Drunken, about 14-16, getting attacked by some Turkish people. I am sorry, it was like that. The group of Chavs had one boy with them, who did not look like the others. I could compare him with a burning victim, I am not sure, but maybe you can imagine. One Turkish boy kicked him, which lead the Chavs to kick back and throw a bottle of white wine mixed with lemonade. Said bottle hit me and the girl sitting next to me. Do not praise a day before its end! It kind of escalated. Did not get much. It made me puke over my bag and I went a little back in the train to clean the mess up a bit. One of the Turkish boys found the cell phone of one of the Chav girls and they nearly smashed the windows. I hate politicans who make our youth like that (or the parents, who are influenced by the politicans and learn it their children). I hate Vienna, I hate the U6 and I still will not drink alcohol. As I jumped in the train I was frightened by the Chav crowed because I saw drunken faces and bottles and they screamed like little babys. The anger was stronger then the fear, otherwise I would have totally freaked out (shaked, cried). I know that my hatred will not help either. I just have to write it all down. At first I thought it was a glass bottle. Thank _fill in what you prefer_ it was only out of plastic! I do not want to imagine where the two of us (the girl and me) would be right now. I have to take a shower right now, though I just wanted to fall in the bed and sleep like a baby. I have to get rid of the rage, otherwise I will try each side at least a hundred times until I finally can be in my own little paradise again. Sorry. The value thing will hopefully be written some time soon.

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Monday 4 June 2007

Counting the Days

2 days left, then it will be two years
11 days left where I have to get up so early
15 actual days at work left, from which 6 days are only half days
21 days until my last day at work
25 days left until I move
100 days until my 23rd birthday
~11 days left until I have to decide wether it is worth it to stay longer in Austria

Update: I just made the calculations for June 2007. I have € 74,69 left for this month. That is about € 3,– a day. And today is the fourth day of the month.


Sunday 3 June 2007

Joy Denalane - New

I do not know yet if I like that. I liked her first and the live album too. But that ... hmmmm.


Saturday 2 June 2007

Viennese everyday Life

Today the whole city is insane! An old ugly guy gets up from his table and grabs my arm. As I am listening to music I do not understand a thing of what he says. Only something about „bad”. Bad things, I did something bad? First I went out of his way. He got me anyway. Next stupid guy. Before the dance class he asks what is next. „Modern.” „Modeln?” (Only makes sense in German as modeln means to pose, to model.) „Modern!” „Modeln?!” „Yes!!” He recognizes that one of my dance colleagues is stretching. „Does one have to be well stretched for that?” „No, you could join us today” He murmurs something about not allowed and such. She says someone must have taken his brain. Later on my way to Einbaumöbel the nightmare continues in the train. A woman who could easily get a role in a david lynch movie (e.g. that spooky lady with the polish accent in Inland Empire). And a guy who has a beard consisting of two dreads down to his belly button. Argh.
On Wednesday we won tickets for Inland Empire. I have seen almost every movie of David Lynch last year in May it was I guess. As I am not a big fan of him, Inland Empire was too much for me. I was tired and slept a bit in the last third. Waking up everytime when there was a scream or horror music. Yesssss.

Update to my last entry: I got the chance to attend the project. But I have not decided yet. We allready booked a flight and the rebooking costs € 100,–. And we would not get to the UK before September 16. I will go to the first meeting today and if I know that it is really worth it, I might do it.

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