Friday 19 January 2007

Creative Subway Maps

I like Subway Maps and when they are creative or showing us things that might happen, they are even better! "Stumbled upon" one after ignoring the Questions about Life movie (Le Grande Content). Daring Fireball is mentioned, which was some kind of weird for me. Seems like I do not know very much about web trends.

The original post can be found here and the rest of the great stuff is here.


Thursday 18 January 2007


Jenseitige Aussagen Kdolskys - von RAU

Solange es möglich ist, werde ich die Raucher nicht diskriminieren. In vielen Lokalen sind die Nichtraucherbereiche ohnehin viel größer, und der Raucherbereich besteht aus zwei Katzentischen am Eingang zur Toilette. Wenn ich einen Abend in einem Nobellokal genießen will, wenn ich im Flugzeug nach New York sitze, dann kann mir ein schreiendes Kind schon einiges vermiesen. Ob das jetzt mit dem Amtsverständnis einer Gesundheits- und Familienministerin oder den Werten der ÖVP vereinbar ist oder nicht, ist eigentlich wurscht. Es ist nur ziemlich jenseits, was Andrea Kdolsky da erzählt. Rauchern soll durch eine neue Regelung lediglich das bisher ungehindert ausgeübte "Recht" genommen werden, Nichtraucher zu belästigen und zu gefährden. Von Diskriminierung keine Rede. Und: Wer in einem Nobelrestaurant am Abend schreiende Kinder antrifft, muss seltsame Restaurants kennen. Ebenso derjenige, der glaubt, die (sinnlosen) Nichtraucherbereiche seien dominant.

Ministerin Kdolsky scheint in nicht unwichtigen Fragen des gesellschaftlichen Zusammenlebens ihre private Lebenswelt zur allgemeingültigen Maxime zu erheben, und das ist ein bisserl problematisch.
(DER STANDARD, Print, 18.1.2007)

Sorry for this german quote, but I could not translate it. As I believe that my readers are mostly able to understand german, I will leave it at that. And it is nearly only relevant to Austrian people. It is about the non-smoking areas and the new Health and Family Minister of Austria. What is going on right now in the country I life by the time is just bollocks. Whatever ...

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Saturday 13 January 2007


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Ad on the hp of the Erste Bank/Sparkasse.
It is about managing your money. But what have two bunnys »gettin' it on« to do with that? Maybe you can tell me.
Die Mehrzahl von Geld means The plural of money.
By the way, I am totally crazy watching Craig Ferguson on Hilarious!


Friday 12 January 2007


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The weather is going crazy right now in Vienna. Still no snow. Today sunshine and a short shower. I am really afraid of the Winter, when it finally gets to us. Today I got myself new glasses. It really was time! But so expensive that plastic thing. Crazy.


Thursday 11 January 2007


»… ’cause you dance good. You have flow.«
Oh, for how long I waited for those sentences! At the Hip Hop(/Dancehall) class we are going to show our work in March. But only eight people are allowed to dance. He asked me if I want to come. I was the first of the dancers he asked. Nice. But I am not gonna stay for the second term. We will have to sit and wait if I can attend at the performance. For now I am really excited. Though I just had to notice that making a Dancehall class only is way too expensive for one term. Hmpfntz.

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Wednesday 10 January 2007

Concerning Macworld 2007

Yesterday I saw a picture of a new internet tablet from Nokia, which is Linux-based. After using Ubuntu via Live-CD on my Mac once, I thought "I must have this gadget". Yeah, I know, it would not look like Ubuntu, but the other PocketPCs always use Windows. Brrr! But what happened on Macworld yesterday? His Steveness presented the even better, even more beautiful, even more awesome, even more ... phone/camera/iPod/internet-gadget.

I screamed when I saw the first screenshots of the iPhone from the keynote yesterday. And he was right, he wrote history. In June it will be available in the USA and at the end of 2007 in Europe. As I will be in the UK by then, I do not have to worry that I will not get it. Because I am not sure if they launch it in Austria. So the soon-to-be-my-MacBook may be replaced by the soon-to-be-my-iPhone. Though I am wondering if there will be any problems with the name. Cisco announced their iPhone in December. As the article on says, Cisco had the trademark on the name since the 90s.
I must admit I did not expect the iPhone from Apple yesterday. I was looking forward to new models of maybe the MacBook or the MacBook Pro. But the most important thing for me was the presentation of Mac OS 10.5. Anyhow the (Apple) iPhone rocks!
Yesterday I wanted to write about what is going on in Austria in terms of politics, but I simply do not care anymore! (... For now ...)


Wednesday 3 January 2007

Bye, bye Bush

The end of the West as we know it? by Anatol Lieven

I did not see the movie starring Al Gore. But maybe that was self protection. I am too afraid of all the things nature wants to pay us back, and I strongly believe "she" will!

I wish you all the best for the new year though, enjoy it.