Wednesday 9 July 2008

The unbearable lightness of being unemployed

As the weather is not inviting at all to do ... stuff, I might as well write another rant about my situation here. I got a few invitations for interviews in Austria waiting for me. And I am so grateful, one can’t imagine! It really seems a slightly bit easier to get work after a few years of experience in your pocket. It might sound presumptuous, but maybe the UK thing did help as well. But I won’t wait until the money really comes in to get a nice flat in Vienna. This task might be a bit harder though, with us still being abroad. Those estate agents with their commission are not making it easier!
What else? I am waiting for a few pounds from the UK (tax refund), the council (Council Tax) and the water company (thanks again for non-metered water!).
My family (parents and sister) is coming on Friday. We will explore London and hopefully Brighton. I haven’t been to Greenwich yet. So please! Rain! GO AWAY!
On Saturday is The Big Dance 2008 on Trafalgar Square. If you are in London either come and see or come and dance! There are still around 400 places left. I would’ve liked to do more during this event, but the weather was oh so disgusting. I guess we’ll have to turn on the heating again. I much rather spend the day in bed, sleeping. Brrrr.
Ah and for the record! Our flight home is on the 30 July. I am planning to be in Vienna the week after (4 August), to do a few interviews and hopefully look at a few flats as well. I am afraid it is time for me to get a Wiener Linien annual travelcard. Ah the fun of a new beginning! No! Honestly! I like it.

The Willow Tea Rooms, Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Let’s have some tea for my cold toes.

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Saturday 5 July 2008

QuarkXPress 8.0

I recently discovered an entry about the new QuarkXPress 8.0 (via Michael Preidel). But I am really bad with reading all that interesting stuff I stumble upon. There are PLENTY of folders in my bookmarks toolbar, which are called Things to read, to read or similar. But with my aim to use Firefox instead of Safari, it is a bit easier, because I just keep those tabs open until they annoy me that much, that I have to read it, or forget about it.
So. QuarkXPress 8.0. The big news:
There are now single-letter key commands for Tools in the Tool Palette.

Wow! What a winner! InDesign has that since, at least version 2, I think and is currently available as version 5.
OK, to be fair here. I worked with QuarkXPress 6, which basically is just useless. The 7 version got so much better, so I guess 8 adds the few things users asked for after 7. But I so much hope that I never have to work with that tool again, at least not that intense as I did the last six months.

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Wednesday 2 July 2008

Erykah Badu, 30/06/08, Brixton Academy, London

We had to wait for hours, but it was definitely worth it! At the beginning we were so far at the back, that I didn't believe that it is really her. I really got even more short-sighted after those six months of work. Moved a little to the front behind a tall guy, where nobody dared to stand. That was better. But no pictures, at least not from me. But I found a set on flickr. They aren't that bad, but ISO 1600 shows if you look at the bigger versions. Ouch. But you did a good job! Don't be afraid!

Originally uploaded by PaulJay

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