Tuesday 29 May 2007

What a bummer!

I finally found the one thing, I will not be able to be part of.
CALL: turn terror into sport

My aunt told me about it, but nothing specific. I searched the homepage of Tanzquartier Wien a few weeks ago and could not find anything. Today I found it. And ouch! It hurts. But it will go away sooner than later. 100 tap dancers will perform in mid-September. That will be awesome! Hopefully my aunt will be one of them. Or I know anyone else who will be. An exciting thing, but impossible for me to be in Austria for part of the rehearsals and all the performances.

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Wednesday 23 May 2007

One Minute

It is the one minute in the morning I value most. It is the quiet one. The minute between being aware that you are awake and the moment of being actually awake. You are free of worries, free of thoughts of the day before. Tabula Rasa. After that lightness there is the unbearable heaviness of being. Work sucks but I don't even want to get started.