Thursday 27 September 2007

Pictures online

Yesterday I put the first bunch of pictures online in my Photographs section.


Tuesday 18 September 2007


Our home is finally online and I am totally overwhelmed by all the stuff I have to do. In order to get things done I chose, as always, multi-tasking, in which I am not that good anymore. Thanks to one month without the internet at hand 24/7.
What else did happen? I tried the local choir. It was just like back in the days in Austria. We will be singing something from Benjamin Britten. One has to roll the 'r' in a special way, which I never did before. But it is fun and the people are very nice!
Nothing else is happening apart from a bit of a sickness but not too bad, just feeling not good. I should do some workout anytime soon to improve my immune system.
Ah! By the way! Diggnation is going to be in London on the 3rd October at The Future of Web Apps Conference. And I will be there too when they record the show. Yesssss.
Well that's that ...

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Friday 7 September 2007


Lately I tried to bake bread rolls. They did not turn out that bad. Though I made them too big. I will do a better job next time. AND! Baking without a kitchen machine is exhausting!